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UC San Diego is a world leader in both systems biology and CHO (Chinese hamster ovary) cell line research. The CHO Systems Biology Center is uniquely positioned – and driven – to develop new resources and techniques that empower the biopharmaceutical industry to rationally engineer and optimize CHO cell lines for drug development.


We train the next generation of cell line engineers to leverage novel genomic and systems biology tools to accelerate drug development.


Thanks to recent advances in systems biology, CHO cell lines – the primary source of these therapeutic recombinant proteins – can finally be rationally engineered. This enables control of the critical quality attributes (CQAs) that determine safety, efficacy and cost of recombinant proteins secreted from CHO cells.


Join us as we develop the workforce and the techniques to realize the potential of genome-scale CHO research and the mountains of biological-process and cell-engineering data it generates.


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