“UC San Diego is a leader in systems biology, biotechnology, and bioengineering, with a particular focus on translational technologies. Our faculty are developing breakthrough technologies and training the next generation of researchers and leaders. As we team with industry, these resources are changing the face of biotechnology,” Nathan Lewis, Ph.D. CHO Systems Biology Center Co-Director.


As world leaders in both systems biology and CHO research, the Center for CHO Systems Biology is uniquely positioned – and driven – to develop new resources and techniques that will empower the biopharmaceutical industry to rationally engineer and optimize CHO cell lines for drug development.


Bernhard Palsson

Pioneer in systems biotechnology research and education.

Prashant Mali

Development of CRISPR/Cas9 genome engineering toolsets and tissue engineering methodologies for stem cell biology and regenerative medicine.

Christian Metallo

Metabolomics and flux analysis of mammalian cells applied to cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Experience with mammalian bioreactor engineering.

Computer Science / Bioinformatics

Vineet Bafna

Leader in proteogenomics, which involves the use of mass spectrometry data for the annotation of genomes.

UC San Diego Health Sciences

Nathan Lewis

Leader of public CHO genome sequencing efforts. Expert in systems biology and genome editing technologies.

Jeff Esko

CHO genetics and glycan engineering, expertise in proteoglycans and glycosaminoglycans.

Sanford Burnham Institute

Randal Kaufman

Leader in the cell biology of protein folding and secretion and CHO cell engineering. Led development of clotting factors as Director at Genetics Institute.